Transform XP to a Mac

This is my second tutorial and hope you’ll like it.

Be careful and read everyhting before going ahead to install.


“FlyakiteOSX” is a program that will transform your “XP” into a “MAC OSX”. 
(NOTE: recommended to be done in safe mode)
(NOTE: won’t give you perfection)
(NOTE: NOT fully reversible!)
(NOTE: Backup system files before installation)

 How To Install : 

– Download the installation file from [link]
– Run the installation file and proceed with “Next >”
– Now tick everything, but avoid ticking the “Logon Screen” :IMPORTANT:
– Proceed on to “backup the current system files” and then installing “FlyakiteOSX”
– Reboot the system. DONE INSTALLING “FlyakiteOSX”. (You might notice some changes done to your system!)


You can download a package made by me which has most of the stuff

below [link].



Window Blinds :

– Leopard Glass 3 [link] by ~neodesktop (Leopard)
– Tiger 2 WB [link] by `-kol (Tiger)

Both are excellent theme.

 How To Install : 

– You well need “WindowBlinds” [link] (trial).
– After downloading the WB skin just double click it to get it installed.

Visual Style :

– Leopard 2.0 [link] by ~neodesktop 

This visual style will change your XP to look like the new Mac Leopard. 

 How To Install : 

1. Well if you have StyleXP [link] (trial) just add the visual style to it.

2. If you don’t own a copy of “StyleXP” then download “Ux Theme Mulipatcher” from [link] , run it and install. Then double click your Visual Style theme to install it onto your system.
(NOTE: a WB skin already is provided with “FlyakiteOSX” but i donot really like it!)


 Logon screen: 

– Mac OSX Leopard by mb-neo [link]

This will change your original “boring” XP logon to a Mac Leopard.

 How To Install : 

To install you will need “Logon Studio”[link] (free). Once you have LogonStudio installed, double click the skin [link]to install. Done.


 T-Clock Light: 

“T-Clock Light” will change your taskbar clock and can also make your taskbar and start menu transparent.

 How To Install :

– Download the file from [link] (free).
– Extract the zipped file and run.
– Play around with the settings to get it right.


 Windows Live Messenger Skins:


– Apple Live Messenger : [link]

NOTE : Currently only for 8.5 

 How To Install : 

– Make sure your version of WLM is 8.5 .
– You need “Messenger Plus! Live” installed. You can get it from [link] .

– If you have all the above, download [link]
– Double click the file to get it installed and applied.


 Transparency Effect: 

– Transbar : [link]

– Glass2K : [link]



– RocketDock : [link]
– RK Launcher (Leopard Inspired) : [link] Leopard Ready.

– Leopard Dock Skin : [link]

 How To Install : 

– Download one of the docks above. 
– Install.Done.
– (Must manually work on theming.)

(NOTE1: The Dock provided with “FlyakiteOSX” is out of date)
(Note2: If you are facing any problems with the skin use the one provided at the top)


– StackDocklet : [link]
(This little gadget just to give you a Leopard feel)



– iTunes : [link]

– Quick Time : [link]

– Safari 3 : [link]

– Styler : [link]


 System Icons

IconTweaker :

LeopardXP for IconTweaker : [link] by ~anoos

TuneUp :

LeopardXP for TuneUp : [link] by ~anoos

IconPackager :

– LeopardXP Revised : [link] by ~MrEyePatch

 How To Install : 

– Download the Icon file [link]
– Extract content.
– Double click file to install. Apply it.
– Set the “icon size” to 48′.


 Styler TB

– Styler : [link]
– Skins : [link]

 How To Install : 

– Download “Styler” [link] and install it.
– Choose a skin [link] I recommend “LEOPARD STYLER TOOLBAR” for a leopard look.
– Copy the skin folder to X:\Program Files\Styler\TB\skins\Styler’s.
– Apply skin in styler.
– Also under “Toolbar” in styler. Tick “Hide Menubar(Explorer)”.




– FindeXer Nightly : [link]
– Skining : [link]

 How To Install : 

– Download “FindeXer Nightly” [link] and install it.
– Browse to [link] for “FindeXer” costumization instructions.


– Finderbar : [link]

 How To Install : 

– Download “Finderbar” [link] and install it.
– Instructions on how customize are provided on the same page.



– AveDesk : [link]

AveDesk gives you the ability to add gadgets on your desktop.
Also providing an option of a ‘showcase”.

 How To Install : 

– Download “AveDesk” [link] and install it.
– Add as many gadgets you need align them to the right of the screen and modify.



System Sounds :

– Jaguar Sounds: [link]

 How To Install : 

– Download the Pack.
– Set each sound manually from the “Control Panel”.

Volume Animation:

– MacSound : [link]
An animated way of decreasing and increasing your computers volume, in MAC OS X Style!

 How To Install : 

– Download “MacSound” [link] and run it.
– Done.


– Brushed-Mac (Boot Skin) : [link] by acash

– Mac OSX Leopard Logon (Logon Skin) : [link] by mb-neo



– MAC OS LEOPARD Wallpaper : [link] by carranzadesigns

– Leopard with Mac Logo : [link] by Linwe-Limballanwe

– Aqua Blue Mac logo : [link] by diemuse2006

– OSX Leopard : [link] by freyr

– Mac Style Orange : [link] by sohxc

– MAC OS X : [link] by NguyenDynasty

– Upside-Down OS X : [link] by ckr4282

– Rim Shot Design : [link]



– Leopard Mods On XP : [link] by kampongboy92

– Mac iStart (ViStart) : [link] by fediaFedia

– ShutX v0.5Beta : [link] by MacGadger


 FireFox 2 : 

– Graphite Inspirat : [link] by iiswiis

– Aqua Inspirat : [link] by iiswiis

– VFox Leopard : [link] by vsdigital

– Spectrum beta : [link] by fyton5


 Screen Saver : 

– Mac OSx Screensaver Flurry : [link] by mb-neo

– Mac OSX Leopard : [link] by ~chuckyrocks2007

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